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It Only Takes a Million

It Only Takes a Million

Return On Investment (ROI)

It Only Takes A Million

Planning to generate An 8% Annual Return

Do your own research but my findings show numbers from five to twelve percent return on investment accounts. Ten percent is considered a good return. Many articles discuss investing your retirement  account into something that allows you to take a draw to supplement your (fixed) income from pensions and social security. 

Why the nautical theme? Because I thought it might be fun to use a free layout with my DIVI WordPress Theme – enough said about that!

Our Boats (The Math)

Breaking it down

There are 250 trading days in a year, so an 8% return yielding about $96K, would give you about $400 per day (exactly $384, but we round for simplicity.) Since I am going to return that to my investor, if I double that number, I can take $400 per day as my pay for doing this work… successfully!

How I’ll Do This

Trading the futures markets is something I’ve been working on for years. Recently, I’ve found “if I think like a billionaire” I can easily generate a $300 profit in about an hour, by trading in and out of micro contracts on the S&P. Being a billionaire frees my mind of any imagined limitations. I suggest you try it.

An Experiment

Being way past overdue to try this, I’m now far better qualified by all of the losses and lessons leading up to this idea (imagined while washing breakfast dishes.) Experiments have certain components – hypothesis, variables, expected outcomes, etc. Variables include the markets and me.

Boat Features

We will be sailing primarily through derivatives, the ES and the NQ. While most of my navigation experience has been with the ES (futures contract on the S&P 500), I’m now beginning to see how I might navigate the NQ (futures contract on the NASDAQ 100), with its rapid currents.

Jim The MM (He pushed me to trade futures)

Jim is a generous and forgiving man, who is all too willing to quote scripture. An overall “good guy” he sees things his way, and often sees the good in others. Like me, has finds it difficult to reverse his position in a trade. To do that, you first have to admit to being “wrong” about your first decision.

Another way to say it is, “I’m off-sides” as they say in football. A flag is thrown and a small penalty is immediately taken by the team at fault. Key in on the word, “small”. Take the small penalty and continue the drive toward the goal line, where the profits lie. Accepting that pain quickly and drawing up the next play is done in seconds on the field, there’s no grieving, no time to feel guilty or stupid, no reason to cry, and no emotional response will help you score. Just go.

Morad Askar (aka FT71)

Jim introduced me to Morad (a.k.a. FuturesTrader71) and his methods of “calling the market”. FT (for short) can be remarkably accurate with his pre-market analysis. He will usually say, “these are not predictions” and then proceed to draw out one or two “scenarios” with explanations of what he plans to do if or when these conditions occur. Sometimes, there’s a third scenario. Often enough he nails it, in some cases, two scenarios combine to find price levels that are very close to the numbers he provides.

Of course, it is on you to decide what to do with this information. And, as with any attempt to see the future (no pun intended), there will be days where none of what was shown by FT will happen that day. The key to success is always to have a game plan for whatever the market gives you, and FT says that often enough. 

Aaron Korbs (goes by Korbs)

Joining Tradeacc was a good move for me. Korbs offers a few levels of membership and of course, the most expensive level gives you all of the training they offer on trading the “Profile Method” he espouses.

Learning all of the terminology and methodology comprising his course helped me to understand what FT71 had been saying (back when I didn’t understand most of the language used to describe things like value area, low and high volume nodes, point of control, etc.) Although I learned much by working through this process, in the end, this trading style did not fit my needs, and watching Korbs trade some days was disconcerting. I always admired his willingness to put himself out there for his members to see how and what he was doing in live trading sessions.

You can see his trading and post-mortem analysis on his YouTube channel. Also, although there are many dead links on one of his websites, you can click this link to get to his sales pitch.

Finally TRG (Trading Resource Group)

What I mean by “finally” is that I’ve finally come back around to the way I used to trade. Some years ago, I had some success as a scalper. If you don’t know trading terminology, I’ll explain. Scalping involves taking very short-term trades and small profits along the way. The other courses and studies I’ve done were aimed at getting me out of that comfort zone and into longer-term trades. In other words, instead of taking so many small profits, I was trying to learn how to get into a trade I could “ride” for some time to collect maximum profit. This didn’t go well and hasn’t gone well for me, so I’m back to scalping now, and finally, I see the possibility of becoming a successful futures trader.

It is funny that the disclaimer, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” cuts both ways. My past failings are not indicative of what is to come with my future and my futures-trading results. Follow at your own risk, manage it well.

Trade in Style


Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Tracking Sheets

II’ll get better at this as time goes on, but for now, here’s a spreadsheet to show you how I’ve done today.

Why so many SIM accounts?

I’m testing for different times of day and for potentially trading NQ instead of the ES. Also, there are some accounts that are limited and some that are unlimited, like my Billionaire account. 

What will we learn?

One thing for sure, if we are honest with ourselves about this, we’ll know (or have enough evidence to support the conclusion that) we can trade real money – whether my own or a funded account, or a combination of those. This is the ultimate goal.

And then what?

Then we sign up for an evaluation account, aiming to get it funded, so we can trade a large account and pull a percentage of the profits into my bank account – QED – I’m a successful futures trader.

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Kason Espinosa

Breadcrumbs for Rabbit Holes

Breadcrumbs for Rabbit Holes

Breadcrumbs for Rabbit Holes

Written by

August 28, 2022

Having been (not very) responsible for posting to social media for the Palm Springs Writers Guild, I’m now happily willing to pass that baton on to someone who seems eager to get started. That is where I first entered this rabbit hole. Fair warning: There are links below that will take you off this page and they just might open a rabbit hole for you. Please click responsibly. Don’t click and drive. Click it or ticket! See?

Pondering one of my blogs “” led me to think of its purpose, which is in its description should you decide to google that URL. Write Now Your Life | Writing to Survive

“Write for your life” was its original intent, and that phrase seemed a bit hyperbolic even for me! But, I searched that phrase anyway, just to see what I might find and I found a book published this year by that very title! So, I clicked on the “Look inside” invitation on Amazon and I found the answer to a question I’ve often heard people ask. “What should I write about if I start a blog?” So, of course, I searched for that, too. And, I found a pretty good blog that seems dedicated to one way (or multiple ways) of answering that question. 

My answer has always been the same. Write for yourself, first. Then read what you have written and see if you like it. If you do, then I believe you stand half a chance of continuing the practice of writing. 

And, by continuing the practice of writing your blog, you might actually find a niche you’d like to expound upon, or you may even start a new blog for that specific purpose and keep your original blog for its original purpose. Do that, and now you have two blogs and it starts to become a time-management issue. Who will I write for today – my niche audience, myself, or both? If you truly enjoy writing, this is not a problem at all!

By now you probably see the time it takes and the trouble it makes being a rabbit hole spelunker, banging your head around in the cave of your making. So, I offer you this as a way out – breadcrumbs. How I’ll get out of this hole is by retracing my steps; the steps that got me into this hole.


The steps go like this:

  • Writing this blog post came from…
  • Answering the question, “What should I blog about?” came from…
  • The search results of “Write for your life” and the look inside feature for the book by that title came from…
  • Pondering one of my blogs that might have been subtitled, “write for your life.” came from…
  • Thinking about my writing as it relates to the Palm Springs Writers Guild came from…


I’m ready to pass on the social media management baton to someone who might enjoy creating posts on Twitter and Facebook to promote PSWG and its events and membership.

You notice the difference in a quarterflash.

Today, I learned a bit about how much I still don’t know.

That includes how I profess reverence for time, then fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way. Leave it to my best friend and accountability partner to call me on my BS. 

This morning (this is not a complaint) I woke up to more than the normal pain in my knees, specifically, my left knee had me almost in tears when I got out of bed. Bravely trying to “work it out” I did several sets of squats with no weights. Thinking if I could get things moving, maybe the pain would subside enough to allow me the luxury of another workout at the gym. Alas, that plan failed miserably, and my misery persists. One upside about this pain, however, is I’ve found a place that sells CBD-based pain relief products. And they work!

With a bit of pain relief, I managed to mix up a dirt cocktail suitable for planting two Plectranthus Mona Lavender plants under the tree that now stands upright, after it had fallen over during inclement weather many weeks ago. Having intended to photo-journal that task, I’m sorry I don’t have photos to share as I write this. Why I thought I should risk additional pain with a bum knee, again, I don’t know. But by the time I was done, my back was hurting too. It seems like this would have been a good day to just stay in bed.

I didn’t stay in bed early on, and it seemed to me that I had earned a nap, so I gave up a couple of hours to that idea. Watching the market rip up to new highs without me was kind of depressing too, so I’ve decided to devote some time to studying something called “market profile” to see if there is a major missing piece to my thinking about how the futures markets move. This post seems to have a recurring theme and I’m guessing the markets do, too.

I’m missing my BFF, as she is busy with her business this time of year. But, I did have a nice conversation with another friend in the desert and I got a lovely text message from another. Sometimes, comfort comes around at exactly the right time.

Have I worn out the word, time, yet? Perhaps it is time to quit. Maybe a work of fiction or some poetry would be a better use of my time this evening. Again, I don’t know. But, I’m done.

If you are like me when you hear the word, “Houston….” your mind immediately finishes with, “…we have a problem.”

The actual words are “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” The past perfect sounds so much better to me.

Contrast those five words, starkly and ever more darkly, with these four, spoken to me by a dear friend, “The Challenger has exploded.” And, I’m fighting back tears as I write this because it still hurts.

Why I’m writing:

Reading Mark Manson’s book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, I’ve come to a chapter titled, “Happiness Comes from Solving Problems.” Course correction is a kind of constant problem-solving exercise and it should be beneficial to anyone who is on a journey. Seeing myself as being on a journey that is my life, and constantly seeking guidance (and growth) along the way, I count that as a success. If you believe success leads to happiness, you may have it backward. Happiness leads to success. If you ever feel as if you’ve arrived, begin again. Reinventing yourself is the easiest way to create new problems.

You may recall the problem reported to Houston was solved, and the problem with the Challenger lives on in my spirit and in my heart. The serenity prayer comes to mind as I realize I’ve come to accept the pain. The pain of being a “Highly Sensitive Person” is not a problem, wanting to not be that would create one. A lesson may be that giving a f*ck about every single minute detail is important to space travel, but it may not be so for your walk through life. “Let it go” comes up often along the way.

Back to the idea posited by Manson, on happiness, I’ve been a problem solver for so long, I should be overjoyed by now! Enter “Disappointment Panda” – who says, the solution to a problem creates a new problem. So, simply, if you always have problems to solve, you will always be happy.

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Daily Results

I'll reset all SIM accounts daily, to make it easier to recognize daily P&L. Monday, October 24, 2022 Tuesday, October 25, 2022 Wednesday, October 26, 2022 Thursday, October 27, 2022 Friday, October 28, 2022

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It Only Takes a Million

Return On Investment (ROI)It Only Takes A MillionPlanning to generate An 8% Annual ReturnDo your own research but my findings show numbers from five to twelve percent return on investment accounts. Ten percent is considered a good return. Many articles discuss...

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Social Media for Writers

Social Media for Writers

Room for improvement with graphic arts skills!

Room for improvement with graphic arts skills!

Whenever I think about sharing the details of the benefit to using Social Media to promote their business (or their books, or themselves), blogging comes first to my mind. That graphic is intended to illustrate my approach. When this post is complete, it will be posted on Facebook, which will feed it to Twitter. Then, I’ll use my WordPress presence to share it again on my Mousehelp and Rouzell blogs. Does that seem excessive to you?

Consider this: What if people are searching for exactly this? “How to use Social Media to promote my book” And, how will it benefit me as the author of this post when they find a link to my article in their search results? I could leave that to your imagination. But, the fact of the matter is I am going to be teaching (professionally) on this very topic to writers very soon. And, if I later create a webinar version of this instruction to sell online, I may get paid again! 

That’s most of what I have to say about this, except that I am passionate about writing and teaching, probably in that order, and sharing these ideas on Social Media and with blog posts simply makes good sense to me. What makes sense to you? Write and post and send me a link.

Stellar Starfish Stories

You are welcome to go off and review the original story about the starfish on the beach and how one person (or many) can change the world. Here is a link to Wikipedia’s work on the topic.

So, I was wondering about the cynic who questions the girl’s motives, and I decided to write his story:

Stellar Starfish Stories (this is a speech I’ve written, which I will deliver later this month)

Picture if you will, the shadow of a man (in a Rod Serling voice). What light creates this shadow? The very sun that would brighten any normal man’s day. But it was not so for Dave.

Dave saw himself as a victim, not so much of things that had happened, or as an innocent victim of circumstance, but as a hapless human who had dug his own hole. With nothing more than a shovel to work with, he reasoned, right or wrong, that he could only go deeper.

His friends had recently branded him with a new nickname, “Dark Dave.” They likened him to a character on Saturday Night Live, named, “Debbie Downer.” No matter how pleasant the situation Dave, like Debbie, could find a way to dampen the spirit.

The sun creating the shadow for Dave was warming his back, but he was focused on his own shadow on the floor of his hotel room. With one look out the window, he was to observe that indeed it was a bright and sunny day on the East coast of Florida. “Daytona Dave”, he said out loud. “This is not a dark day”, he concluded.

Without thinking another moment about his appearance, with his hair mussed – you know how it is when you first get out of bed, and his face unshaven, he threw on his favorite pair of cut off Levi’s. You know the kind that has just the right amount of fray around the bottom of the pant legs? Faded to perfection, he had packed this pair of shorts for just this purpose – to take him back to a bit of his youth, before all of his hole digging endeavors, when he was still genuinely joyful.

Armed with nothing more than a visor and a pair of Ray-Bans, Dave flung open his hotel door, breezed down through the lobby, across the deck and down the stairs, right onto the white sand beach that beckoned him like a lighthouse beacon. This was his purpose, to find his place in the sun, if only for this day.

Nearing the shoreline, he noted that the sun was brilliantly reflected and refracted in the waves. The smell of the almost slimy saline breeze smacked him in the face and made him catch his breath. He took it all in and managed a genuine smile, as he felt his heart racing. As uncontrollable as a sneeze, a belly laugh escaped him. This broadened his smile, even as he shook his head in disbelief!

Surveying his situation, he soaked in the noise of the waves washing over his toes, cooling and tickling his bare feet accompanied by the the rhythmic racket made by soaring seagulls. Children laughing, parents calling out, and the battle of boom-boxes filled his head with a joyful noise. With his next breath, he took in a bit of the sea spray and realized he had come to the beach without water to drink. His stomach turned a half-flip as he considered his situation. “Water, water, everywhere and nary a drop to drink”, he found himself reciting the hackneyed phrase. He followed quickly with, “Am I not my own albatross?”

Dave was way too analytical. Analysis paralysis would nearly prevent him from taking his first sandy steps. Facing the shore he had to make a monumental decision on which direction to turn. He began to reason it out for himself.

“With the sun at my back, as I begin, it will be higher in the sky as I return”, he was thinking out loud, purely for the fun of it. “With the sun higher in the sky as I return, I’ll enjoy more benefit from my visor.”

He had no sooner finished that sentence when a little girl peered up into his eyes and point blankly asked, “Hey mister, are you OK?” Dave nearly burst into tears, but quickly caught himself.

“Sweetheart, I’m so much better now, for having met you,” he stammered. Then he turned to his left and took a step.

To his surprise, he was not walking quite right. He had to carefully assess each step, to avoid stepping on the starfish that littered the beach that day. Dave was starting the get the idea that this would be no ordinary walk on the beach. He continued with great purpose now, determined to get this done in spite of the impediment. As he walked, he began to notice certain patterns in the placement of the starfish. He figured this was just part of his nature, to find some symmetry in this silly situation. Dave was still smiling as he considered his plight. That he could not look up at the blue sky, take in the scenery, or even pay much attention to where he was going, if he was to avoid stepping on one of these crusty creatures. Every now and then, he would stop and look more closely at a specimen, examining it like he was some kind of zoologist, or ichthyologist. Dave loved his scientific words! He thought this was funny, that he could not see the sky, but looking down he was seeing stars….

Still, he was making progress. Every once in a while he would simply slow down and look up, to see what was in the distance. He noticed in the not too distant future that he was to come upon a young girl. She looked like she might be a teen-ager. Filled with that zest for life that these days annoyed him, she was quite animated in her activity. As he got closer, Dave noticed she was flitting about, snatching up starfish from the beach and gently pitching them into the ocean. 

From here, we relate the conversation about how one person can make a difference, even if it is only to one starfish at a time.

We conclude our story with Dave happily pitching in on the clean up work, smiling as he makes twice the difference one person can make.

In the end, another guy comes to ask the same questions, but Dave lets the girl provide the explanation, as he is immersed in his own joyous experience.