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Having been (not very) responsible for posting to social media for the Palm Springs Writers Guild, I’m now happily willing to pass that baton on to someone who seems eager to get started. That is where I first entered this rabbit hole. Fair warning: There are links below that will take you off this page and they just might open a rabbit hole for you. Please click responsibly. Don’t click and drive. Click it or ticket! See?

Pondering one of my blogs “” led me to think of its purpose, which is in its description should you decide to google that URL. Write Now Your Life | Writing to survive

“Write for your life” was its original intent, and that phrase seemed a bit hyperbolic even for me! But, I searched that phrase anyway, just to see what I might find and I found a book published this year by that very title! So, I clicked on the “Look inside” invitation on Amazon and I found the answer to a question I’ve often heard people ask. “What should I write about if I start a blog?” So, of course, I searched that, too. And, I found a pretty good blog that seems dedicated to one way (or multiple ways) of answering that question.

My answer has always been the same. Write for yourself, first. Then read what you have written and see if you like it. If you do, then I believe you stand half a chance of continuing the practice of writing. And, by continuing the practice of writing our blog, you might actually find a niche you’d like to expound upon, or you may even start a new blog for that specific purpose and keep your original blog for its original purpose. Do that, and now you have two blogs and it starts to become a time-management issue. Who will I write for today – my niche audience, myself, or both? If you truly enjoy writing, this is not a problem at all!

By now you probably see the time it takes and the trouble it makes being a rabbit hole spelunker, banging your head around in the cave of your making. So, I offer you this as a way out – breadcrumbs. How I’ll get out of this hole is by retracing my steps; the steps that got me into this hole.

They look like this:

  • Writing this blog post came from

  • Answering the question, “What should I blog about?” came from

  • The search results of “Write for your life” and the look inside feature for the book by that title came from

  • Pondering one of my blogs that might have been subtitled, “write for your life.” came from

  • Thinking about my writing as it relates to the Palm Springs Writers Guild came from

  • My being ready to pass the social media management baton to someone who might enjoy creating posts on Twitter and Facebook to promote PSWG and its events and membership.