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Amazon Smile Charity – How To Change

Amazon Smile Charity – How To Change

Log into with your Amazon credentials.
Click the name of the current charity, to the right of, “Supporting.”

Click “Change your charity” at the bottom left corner of that window.

In that field, below where it says; “Or pick your own charitable organization:” enter the name of the organization you want to benefit by your (and Amazon’s) charity. Click Search. Click “Select” to the right of the name of the organization in the search results.

Click select

Thank you

Day One – For Chas

Day One – For Chas

Do you remember when I tried to tackle you and you turned the tables on me? I do.

I barely know you, but have some idea that I knew enough about you to present a challenge. When you met that challenge with aggression, I knew I was right. 

You are a tough guy. Take it as a compliment.

Don’t be dark. Smile, take a snapshot, and make it your cover photo. We’ll wait.

That’s probably all I need to say.

So, there.

Uncle Brian

Why We Do

Why We Do

One of my clients is an attorney in Palm Springs. She and her husband have a home in Bighorn Golf Club, in South Palm Desert. Her husband became my client a bit later, in May of 2013, fully eighteen months ago, now. He is an attorney also, with his practice in Glendale.

I’ve been told I talk a little too much when I’m working on tech issues for clients. This is a report on the details of one of those times. Perhaps it was a bit forward, but I couldn’t help but ask. 

“With your practice in Glendale, why would you choose to live at Big Horn?” I asked. 

“I love that woman, she likes living here and I will do anything to make her happy.” was his response.

I’ve never forgotten this brief conversation and probably never will.