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Blog Post Planning and Post Production

Blog Post Planning and Post Production

This is rare. I’m actually planning to write a post for my blog. Almost never is how often I plan my writing. Usually, I just launch my browser, log into either rouleywrites, or and start typing. My jaded thinking compels me to “just do it” and then fix it as I go along.

Today, I actually consulted my own eBook, entitled; “Ridiculously Simple Topics for Bloggers.” There I found the topic of “television”, then recalled that I had already posted on Facebook today about Tavi Geninson (see below for details). It was more of a rant, about how New York magazine completely distorted the image of a pretty face. All of this came after watching a segment of Sunday Morning on CBS – a weekly ritual for Margaret and me.

In that same eBook, there is an article about something I posted having to do with that same CBS program. In fact, I can recall several blog posts that are about topics raised on Sunday Morning. One of them is one of my favorite quotes: “When you write, you go to heaven.” As I hope that’s true, although it was spoken (by Ted Danson, speaking to his wife) about writing music.

So, here we are. I’ve written this piece, with just a bare modicum of planning. Writing this in Word, now I have to copy and paste in into my blog and I’ll still have to fix it. It needs an image and some links, so there’s some post-production work to be done now….

Sometimes, I know what I am trying to say. This might not be one of those times.

Recommend You Don’t See

Recommend You Don’t See

The Giver – a movie that hearkens back to “Soylent Green“, where that one scene depicting how lush and wonderful the world once was absolutely crushes me as a viewer. This current movie multiplies that effect tenfold and there were times when I struggled to regain my composure. The same thing happened when the tree came down in Avatar; I lost it. I hate crying at the movies.

As a result, I have to say, save yourself the pain. Don’t see it. Avoid the prospect of a bleak future, where the lack of history and memories is designed to protect a would-be utopian society from reality. No emotions, no pain, no feelings means no broken hearts.

Reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes

What Little I Know

I wish I had time to tell you what I’ve learned since election day, 2008. 

On that day, I read a report in the Wall Street Journal, that explained how the housing bubble and the mortgage backed securities debacle had come to be. It surprised me to learn that “bubya” had been sounding the warning about this crisis, long before it came to be the burden that caused the near collapse of our economy.

I’m slightly impaired now, given the time of day, so I’ll continue this post tomorrow.

Have a good night.


Don’t Feel Much Like Writing

That title is a modified version of a line from a Bob Seger song – “Turn The Page.”
The original line is this: 

“And you don’t feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through.”

My heart aches. Not just for Robin Williams, but for all the tortured souls of the world. Those who suffer silently, or outrageously, through their pain, whether public or private. Contrasting Robin Williams with Amy Winehouse may not make much sense to many. But, that’s what I meant by the “public or private” phrase. We all knew of her struggles, but I knew little of Robin’s depression. 

It feels strange to be writing this. Like I just don’t know what to say.
Phrases masquerade as sentences at times like these.

There was one great post I saw on Facebook, shared by someone in my circles
(oh, wait, that’s G+)
– oh, yeah, I remember now. It was Ann Davis; sharing Anne Lamott’s post.

I’m not thinking of much more to say here. So, this will have to do. Deep breath, heavy sigh.