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Working Up To It

Alone again, I’m left to my own devices. This glaring screen in front of me seems so empty, is it a metaphor for my life at present? Or, am I so busy with so many things (none of which fill the void), that I cannot see this is my best medicine?
Who cares? That’s always a good question. I must. Because I have two dogs (I almost wrote, “three dogs” just then). And, I have many people who count on my being there for them, should they need to call for help with these infernal contraptions (computers)! 
So, communicate I will, as it forces me to organize my thoughts. Organized thoughts are better than the random ridiculousness that goes on in my grey matter. Fifty shades of, “Oy!” – I should write that – a compendium of angst, anger, bitterness, frustration, heroism, joy, study, reflection; now I’m wondering if I can come up with 42 more words to express the confusion I know so well.
It may be said that I didn’t do anything to be labeled as at fault for this situation. But, the things I didn’t do and have not done have been the cause. 
Everybody says, you need a plan, you have to set goals. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start writing my business plan, again. I may even set some goals for when it should be complete. Yeah, that will help. Add a little pressure to an already difficult, nearly untenable, condition. That’s a great idea.


There are days like these. Nobody told me. Reminds me of John Lennon.

This morning I worked on some stuff for Save A Pet, then I got busy with what I do and what I have been doing for far too long, now. I went to work for a client who had a computer fail on him. This is what I do. Helping people with computers is something I have done since I first started learning how computers work. It is simply my nature to want to be helpful to others. I love to teach, too.

So, off to Palm Springs I went. You may remember Bob “The Bopper” O’brien, from KDES Radio. He was on the air for many years. Well, now, he is a published author. His books include: “Who Dit It First?” – Great Rhythm and Blues Cover Songs and Their Original Artist – by Bob Leszczak – on Amazon. And, Single Season Sitcoms, 1948-1979: A Complete Guide, also on Amazon.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this, but I’m going to bed early tonight. Margaret is home!

Sunday With Margaret

CBS Sunday Morning, a movie, and the Olympics pretty much filled the day. In the middle, I took care of setting up a new video card and a Roku system for one of my best clients. Margaret and I met at Rancho 16, to see Monument Men – not worthy of a review, except to say the music annoyed the heck out of me! Story was as expected. The end of the day is coming write up – see what I did there?

Last night we saw a movie –  The Iceman – courtesy of Netflix on the kitchen computer, beamed to the TV by Chromecast! You just gotta love good gadgetry.

Of the two movies, The Iceman was hands down Margaret’s favorite. She likes murder and mayhem.

Other highlights include a segment on Portuguese Azulejos tiles on CBS Sunday Morning and finding my friend Jason Stevens’s Twitter, blog post and website. We also had a meal at Pho Vu in Palm Desert – their new location – at Dinah Shore and Monterey, across from Home Depot, by the Starbucks there. Bun Tom Thit Nuong Cha Gio is my favorite dish. 

That’s all for today. I’m going to get back to writing more often. You’ll see.

Kim Komando Rocks

Kim Komando Rocks

While I don’t always agree with the content of computer advice offered by Kim Komando, there’s no question her heart is in the right place. We should all be so gererous. I have so much to learn.

After writing a post for my professional blog, I was working on getting some relevant images for my post, when I stumbled upon a link on YouTube. There’s no need for me to explain further. I’ll just provide an image and a link and you can check it for yourself!

Kim Komando Show – One Amazing Call