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Why Time Travel Movies Persist

Why Time Travel Movies Persist

Movie Trailer on YouTubeAfter seeing the trailer for, “Welcome To Yesterday” at the theater today, I thought about why the subject of time travel can be used again and again as the subject of a new movie. It’s obvious, I know. The answer, for me, is; it must be technology!

As technology (and its availability) improves, so does the time travel experience improve for the viewer and the movie-maker. Just watch the trailer and it becomes clear that technology and special effects drive a movie like this.

If you do have access to time travel, there is always that same danger – that your actions will alter things in an unfavorable way. This movie is no different, as that is the rub.

If you want to see a time travel movie that didn’t make a big splash at the theaters, check out “Source Code”. It’s theme is similar to “Ground Hog Day” in that the main character learns something with each iteration, but that’s all I’m willing to say, as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

For something lighter and a bit more fun, check out, “Safety Not Guaranteed”. You won’t believe the ending….


Transition Time

Transition Time

Image Source - Orange Public Library Local History Collection

Image Source – Orange Public Library Local History Collection

One Day Changes Everything

Like yesterday, for instance –

I spent three hours driving, for the reward of eleven hours with my wife, Margaret. The benefits were beyond expectations and are listed here, and they lifted my spirit.
If you go to Orange, please enjoy Old Town Orange.

  1. On the way to and from Anaheim Hills, I listened to a book on Audible (an Amazon company), by Tim Ferriss – The 4-Hour Workweek

  2. Completing the trip in just under an hour and a half provided some modicum of relief, knowing that I can do this anytime I like, given that small sacrifice of time for a huge payoff!

  3. Seeing Margaret, priceless!

  4. Seeing her workplace, meeting co-workers, making that first impression, all good for both of us.

  5. Having breakfast in Orange (the town settled by the subject of one of my favorite books, Pioneer Ranch Life in Orange) at Watson Drug and Soda fountain.

  6. Wandering through countless antique stores doing almost nothing, fully focused on just being present in the moments with Margaret.

  7. Shopping (for nothing I want or need), having a beer (something else I don’t need), taking in a movie (Wolf of Wall Street), eating an apple in Margaret’s apartment prior to departure.

That made for a very good Sunday. Let’s do it again, real soon!



It’s been one heck of a morning, so far. If I had eaten the bread, things might already be going better! Now, I don’t know how to get back, I don’t know how I got here, AND I’m hungry.

So, another blog post, I suppose, makes sense to a (getting thinner for ridiculous reasons) famished writer. This will simply attest to the nothingness that sometimes fills the void.

I must have stumbled upon that from Twitter. It’s the first tab open in my browser after the Twitter tab, so I’m guessing. From there, I clicked on the link From Demian Farnworth: Here’s How Jon Morrow Writes and there we are (or were).

This phrase: “when he published a guest article on Penelope Trunk’s blog.” – leads me to research Penelope Trunk, where I find she hates Tim Ferriss. Hate being such a passionate thing, I’m drawn in.

Our journey (OK, yes, I mean my meandering wander) ends here. As I have read as much as I’m willing to read of the “Look Inside” bit of Amazon’s Kindle version of this book. I must eat something now and do something productive.


Write First

Write First

First, something from leaves of Gold. Thanks to Save As Image (dot com); and to this page on Facebook.

In Toastmasters, I spoke about “the little voice” and how listening to it usually is a good idea. Maybe these are the whispers Faber is referring to in the quote, above. 

Now, on to writing…. One of my goals, which remains a goal, is to make this the first thing I do each day. As I know it always makes me feel better, writing is a high priority for me, but there are at least two other things that always come first. Well, there are three or four, depending on how you count. Two dogs, coffee, and if she is home, Margaret comes first. Though Margaret first may mean making coffee and keeping the dogs quiet for another hour or more, after I get up, which makes writing pretty difficult to do.

In a perfect world, I would arise to fresh coffee, walk out the door to my studio – where no dogs or wives are allowed for the first hour or more – where I could write in peace, as I ponder the musings of the day. I’ll put that on my list of dreams.

So, there it is. That’s all I’m going to say for now. 



Snippet from The Best Loved Poems of The American People


Funny, near the end of my last post, I mention optimism.

I’ll have to work on the first bit of the new plan starting tomorrow. Optimism should help. 

Now I’ve taken that to heart and will doggedly pursue a deeper study of optimistic things!

My own leaves of gold may soon be found on these pages. Enjoy!