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Movie Review – The Counselor

I don’t make a habit of reading movie reviews, as I’m far more likely to write one. That said, I did read this one in the LA Times online article. The author agrees with me on so many levels, however, he or she has obviously done much more homework on the screenwriter and uses some pretty complex language to very accurately describe one loser of a movie script.

There were times when I just could not believe what was being said, or the behavior of the title character. In one scene, he calls his fiancee to tell her about the trouble he has created and instead of giving her clear instructions on how to save her own life, he tells her to stay home. This is just one of many examples of places where the writing is so far off the mark, it truly kills the plot, the character development and any interest I may have had in following this thing to its incredibly obvious conclusion.

As I write this, I’m struck by the idea that people assign stars or whatever to say how good or bad a movie is. If there is some negative value for number of stars I would give this movie, it is this – I want my money back! I want my time back. I wish I hadn’t seen this. I could have had lunch earlier, had we walked out….

Cheek to Jowl – Oddly Enough

This is an expression I had never heard before last week. Then, in this month’s issue of AAA’s Westways magazine, I read an article on the last page about an explosion at an electro-plating company in LA that happened in 1947. In this piece the author says; “Residential structures damaged in the explosion were replaced by low industrial buildings that now line the local streets cheek by jowl.”

This morning, on CBS Sunday Morning, almost the same expression was used in a segment about cemeteries.

When grown, I finally sought a home all my own in another Carolina town. The realtor complained, “Found you one great Victorian fixer-upper. Problem? Damn thing’s cheek-to-jowl against a Colonial cemetery.” 

Spoken by Allan Gurganus

Google shows me “About 588,000 results” for this expression, which I had never heard before last week.

There’s not much more to this blog post, except to say, that was an odd coincidence. Would you agree?

CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning

In reverse order, these topics came up on our weekly ritual “must see, TV.” 

  1. “When you write, you go to heaven, you really go to some other place that is really almost divine.” he said. – Ted Danson
  2. Dr. Pangloss
  3. Richard Ayedon

The first one is a quote from a segment they did on Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson, where they reviewed the career of Mary and her marriage to Ted. Although the piece was all about Mary, that quote from Ted really touched my soul. I write because I like writing, but nobody had ever quite put it into such spiritual terms. It made me cry and I don’t like to cry.

Richard Ayedon was a world famous photographer. His book happend to be on a mantle behind the person doing the interview with Mary Steenburgen. I notice little things like this when I watch TV or see movies and then I have to go look them up to find out what I don’t know. Funny, huh?

Dr. Pangloss was mentioned by Richard Sherman, so I had to go look that up on Google. That link is provided for your research pleasure. It seems to me I’ll have to go find a copy of Candide and do some reading. That, and Lolita, seem to be recurring themes in references made to works I’ve not read.


One Week

It is sometimes amazing how fast seven days may pass. Living this way has certainly influenced my writing.

My head is swimming, thinking about all I want to accomplish and how ineffective I often am. This must change. 

The good news is change is the ONLY constant. Any thing that tries to remain the same must perish.

New day, new plan, that is my new mantra. I’ve committed “heart and soul” to working on a new project. The only impediment is the need for income continuity. Were I free of that concern, quantum leaps would become commonplace.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. 

Join my Cause. It will cost you nothing to do so.

Hunger and Weight Loss

If you knew me and cared about me, you might one day say to me; “You are too thin!” I get that a lot. My wife complains incessantly about it. My close friends, which means those who know that they can say anything to me in complete honesty, say that very same thing. Being too thin is apparently a problem to those closest to me.

Often times, I’ll joke in my response – that I live on a diet of constant stress. That isn’t far from the truth, to be honest with you. But that’s not the subject of this blog post. And, I would not recommend to anyone that they ever emulate my stressful lifestyle for any reason.

So, here’s the thing. Hunger is OK with me. As much as I know when nature tells me I’m hungry I should eat, it just doesn’t motivate me enough to make me drop what I’m doing and go find food.

In fact, there’s always the conflict of not knowing what I want to eat at that moment. Do I want another sandwich, do I want another burrito, am I going to be happy with a burger, or Panda Express for fast Chinese food? What, WHAT am I going to have for lunch? Did I have chicken or fish or steak for dinner? That answer helps me to decide what I don’t want to have for lunch. This is an ongoing conflict for me. That very same conflict makes hunger all the more attractive. This is crazy talk!

Given that I don’t have a goal in mind for this blog post, I’m just going to save and close. I know I’m happier right after a good meal, so I should want that happiness three times a day. To be honest, I am more likely to eat two or three meals in a day. Seriously, I’m too thin and I know it. The change I need to make is purely psychological, I’m pretty sure of that fact.

That’s all for now. If anyone reading this is “overweight” – whatever that means – consider enjoying hunger as a feeling that is akin to getting thinner. Or, you could add a little stress to your life and have that for lunch. I’m kidding.

This is just something I’m writing for therapeutic purposes and if it has any value for you, well that’s just good luck for both of us!