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Only Thursday – Day Three

Margaret is away and even our three little doggies are feeling the pain. Rocky is asleep in the hallway, just outside my office door. Randy is content to be right beneath my chair (always leaning against at least one of my feet, so he’ll know if I move). And Angel is probably in either the bedroom or mommy’s closet, nestled in with Margaret’s shoes. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to make myself breakfast at home and start on a path to improving my energy level. I’ll have to get up early, as I always do, but focus completely on that task until my tummy is full. Any distraction, any writing I need to do, any email that needs a response will have to wait.

That’s the new promise. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Day Two, The Saga Continues

Three things I am grateful for; my wife thinks I’m pretty smart, my dogs provide unconditional love (they don’t care if I’m goofy or geeky), my friends think I’m funny (sometimes). And, I mean funny, ha-ha, as opposed to funny, peculiar. If they only knew!

As I write, Randy is at my feet chewing up his favorite toy. Angel is probably in mommy’s closet, feeling a bit insecure since mommy is not home, and Rocky; he pretty much marches to his own drummer. He’s blind and gets up every once in a while is search of cooler tiles to comfort him. We’ve had him since 2002, so he’s getting up there in years. He seemed like a puppy with his exuberance, when we brought him home from San Rafael – he’s a Marin County boy and not stuck up at all about it!

He wears a diaper, too. I had the pleasure of reporting to mommy that he has had a dry diaper since she left. So, I must have the timing just right on the doorman work I do around here.

That’s all for now. Day two is nearly in the bag. Just a couple more things to write and I’m done!


OK, Day One Ends

OK, Day One Ends

The saga begins and day one was not stellar, but I’ve lived right up to this point, so it was not a total loss.

I’m writing, which is good, because it is always one of the answers to the question; “what makes you happy?” I’ll check the style guide later on that punctuation. Yes, that’s just me!

Not so long ago, it might have been yesterday, or last weekend – I’ve forgotten, now – I promised to do three things each night before bedtime. Oh, that’s right, I got it from a video created by a successful blogger. I probably already shared it on Fb or Tw, so I won’t go search it out right now.

Man, it’s hard to write well with a dog on your lap! Let’s see if I can get a picture. Yep, I did. Not only did I get a picture with Randy on my lap, I took a second one with Margaret on the phone and sent it to her in a message! I’m getting pretty good with this high tech communications stuff. OK, that’s all for now.

Personal Drama

Margaret leaves tomorrow for her first day in Anaheim Hills. 

All I have is the opening to this tale.
Plot development is nigh.
That’s fancy for near. 

What will happen from here is anyone’s guess.

Are you anyone? If so, guess.

The Spectacular Now

You can read enough about it online that I’ll not try to describe what it’s all about here. What I will say is that in so many movies that include action, chase scenes, or special effects, or some situation that could not possibly happen in real life, I’m disappointed by the distance I feel between what is on the screen and what is reality. Sometimes, I have to abandon reality entirely to allow myself to enjoy a movie.

This was not the case with “The Spectacular Now.” It is a story that is way too close to what is (or could be) some young person’s reality. Fair warning, there is so much pain in this movie that even now, as I write, I’m having to do my best not to recall certain details, lest I burst into tears and cry all over my keyboard.

If you go, you’ll fall completely for the main character, right out of the gate! Then, when he meets a new girl, you’ll have that same experience with her. As quickly as all of that gets going, you start to see the flawed situation and how wrong things might go from here.

That’s all I’m willing to share with you about the plot. My advice is, bring tissues and prepare for an emotional ride. You could see this movie with your eyes closed and it would work as well. I’m sure I’ve never said that before about any movie.