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Blade Runner Again

It’s rare, but I’m now able to say that being naive is sometimes beneficial. 

Due to an overwhelming response to my brief review of the subject movie, Blade Runner, I’m now spending some time considering the possibility that our protagonist may have been an android/replicant. 

Thanks to Dominique Fruchtman, I now have to review what I remember about the film and consider the evidence provided by further research. As in, this entry from Wikipedia. Deckard and his antagonist, Gaff, played by Edward James Olmos, play a game significantly different if considered in this light.

If Gaff suspected Deckard, things change. My thinking was that he was after him only because he was fostering a relationship with Rachel, who was clearly an android. This being against the law, I thought that that was the only reason Gaff had an interest. If Deckard was a replicant, then the dogged pursuit by Gaff makes more sense.

Do I really have to see this movie, to fully experience it with this new precept? Maybe I should. Poor me, I’ll have to watch my favorite movie all over again!

Sling Blade or Barfly?

Two more dark movies deserving review, which would you choose? 

I’ve seen Sling Blade a few times, probably more often as an already in progress, happened to catch it on some channel, kind of experience. In other words, as we surf channels, if we happen upon Sling Blade playing, chances are we’re going to sit down and watch it to the end.

Barfly, last I checked is nearly impossible to get on video. Now, I’ve just checked Amazon and you can get a copy for about $34. Amazing, since I saw collectors versions available for hundreds of dollars last time I looked. I really like this movie, because it looks at living life from the down side. 

I’ll write both reviews. But it makes sense at this juncture to see who has a comment on either of these selections.


Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Have you seen the movie, “Blade Runner?” It is the movie that drives all other movies in the genre. Wikipedia does an OK job of spelling it out to you.

What you cannot get from online explanations of the plot and the response to the movie is what a real movie fan thinks of it. So here that is.

I was alone when I saw this movie. Which is to say, I was single. Seeing movies alone is an interesting experience. You simply digest it, like a heavy meal. You don’t get to talk about it, as you would if you saw it with a companion, a date, a mate, a wife. You just leave the theater, alone with your thoughts about what it meant and how it made you feel.

Pris, a character played by Daryl Hannah, made me feel that anyone who designed androids would certainly design the females in versions that would feed the male ego. Each female android would embody all of the most physically desirable traits in as many versions as any young man had seen in his Playboy magazines. These things were supposed to simply serve mankind as robotic slaves, so why not make them as attractive as they could be in as many forms as possible.

Roy, played by Rutger Hauer, embodies the male ideal. Powerful and clever, he duels with Deckard, our antagonist, played by Harrison Ford, to the bitter end. The scene where Roy dies, in the rain, as he lements the loss of all the memories he has, made me cry. Yet, of all the scenes in the movie, I look forward to this one the most. Having seen this movie many times, I’ll always cherish this moment in my movie-going career.

Leon, a character portrayed by Brion James, however, provides one of the best twisted dark comedy moments. When he is asked about his mother, he simply opens fire, shooting the man who is trying to determine if Leon is a man or a “replicant”, which is what they call the androids in this movie. This is comic relief for any man who has had a strained relationship with his mother.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. I’m going to work this theme for several posts, to see where it takes me. I hope you enjoy the ride. If you haven’t seen Blade Runner, I think you should.

Za – what I had for dinner

Za is slang for Pizza. Za is also the 11th and 17th letter of the Arabic alphabet. There are 10 entries in Webster’s Z section prior to the word, zabaglione. There are alternate spellings.

Zabaglione is Italian Cookery. a foamy, custard like mixture of egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine, usually served hot or chilled as a dessert. Here’s the Google on that one. It looks yummy!

Z gets about seven and a half pages in the big book, replete with pictures of African places and a couple of wild animals. Then our story just kind of fizzles out altogether, with ZZZ, used to represent the sound of a person snoring.

This is the end, my only friend, the end.
Lyrics by Jim Morrison of The Doors.
Before you look it up, be forewarned, it is quite nasty.

12 Seconds of Silence

12 Seconds of Silence

The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit is a movie starring Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones. Frederic March also plays a leading role and figures prominently in the subject of this post.

The movie is based on the 1955 novel by Sloan Wilson, about the American search for purpose in a world dominated by business. It should also be said that it’s about the choices a man and his wife must make about doing the “most right thing” in a given circumstance. The final scenes say more about what makes up a solid relationship than any I’ve seen in movies lately.

Back to the subject, the title of this post, there is a scene in which fully twelve seconds pass without a word between the two main characters, Tom Rath and Ralph Hopkins. This is powerful stuff in a dialog driven movie. The viewer has an opportunity to fully absorb what has just transpired in a scene where our hero has taken a great risk by simply stating his honest opinion.

This is no spoiler alert. There is nothing more I have to say about this wonderful movie, except, if you haven’t seen it, maybe you will. If you are a nine to fiver in this world, or if you are a business owner, you may have a deeper appreciation for your place in the scheme of things.

This is a movie that is over two and a half hours in length, so there is some time investment involved in getting this edification. Enjoy it as I did, with several cups of coffee and breakfast made by a caring spouse. Thank you, Margaret, for your unending love of movies!

Published on August 18, 2013