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Why – A First

You won’t often see this in my blog, but I am nearly at a loss for words.

I can report, however, that this was an interesting day. One of meetings attended, meetings rescheduled, obligations met. Yes, that was a phrase and not a sentence. Something you won’t often see here, either. 

Insouciance, indeed! Callous disregard for protocol. Shameless indulgence of my bad mood. Deal with it.

Toastmasters is always interesting. Today was particularly challenging. Our two scheduled speakers had other things come up and they could not attend. This creates a difficult situation, one that demanded quick thinking, a willing participant, and heroism at the local level. All of that is easy, if you have a good club.

We do. We are a group of people who pitch in, stand in, stand up and stand out. You are welcome to come and see for yourself. Send an email, if you want details.

Writing in the evening sometimes presents a problem. Today is one of those days. The morning I would say was successful, in spite of my bad mood. The end of the day was even better, as I did my work very well and achieved a successful outcome in spite of difficulties. And that’s the first time I’ve ever used the phrase, “in spite of” in two successive sentences.

I’m done now. I hope you get me.

The Butler and Jobs

Two current movies, neither of them moved me like Cate Blanchett did in Blue Jasmine. However, I’m just a reporter sometimes, so here you have it.

Jobs was as expected, especially given that you could have followed the story as it unfolded, as I did. By that, I mean, in real time, as Apple came into existence, I researched Steve Jobs and followed along as he rose to fame, flamed out, did the Phoenix, became a superstar, then a supernova. In short, the movie was predictable and could not possibly be complete. Jobs is one of those people who simply leaves me lamenting. You fill in the blanks here.

The Butler, more a movie about civil rights than anything else, left me flat. Not that it did not meet expectations; it did. But, “meets expectations” is not a stellar review. See it, anyway. The mingling of actual footage from history makes it interesting. The human interest angle was almost lost on me. There is also one huge flaw in the plot – as far as I’m concerned – where too many things come together in one scene. “Only in the movies,” I’m likely to say.

Here are two examples of why great movies deserve more attention. These are not.

Sling Blade

Billy Bob Thornton is some kind of character. Recently, he was on the radio talking about how he got Sling Blade made. If I had more of that detail, I’d share it here. I’ll have to go search it out and get back to you.

Here’s a link to part of an interview on Inside the Actors Studio from YouTube. Near the end of that clip, Billy Bob makes reference to his brother, Jimmy. No spoiler alert here, because you can see it for yourself, if you like.

Back to Sling Blade, a movie I’ve seen beginning to end, at least a few times – because I’ve memorized much of the script, it takes some effort not to say the lines along with each scene. If you do see this movie, or if you see it again, watch the last line spoken by four characters, because they each say the same thing. Again, I won’t spoil it for you here.

There’s a scene that is particularly touching and funny. Karl is discussing things with Frank and they end up talking about potted meat. This is an R rated movie, and my blog is definitely PG at best, so I won’t give you all of the details. Let me just say, this is a scene in this movie that makes me cry (every time) and I end up laughing, because old Karl has a sense of humor.

Enough said; “mmm-hmm, you gotta love them french fried potaters!”

Late Again

Even my fingers are moving slowly tonight. It may be an after effect from bowling, or I’m just really tired.

Saw most of this movie tonight, Executive Suite. It was about a corporate power struggle, between a bean-counter, profits, bottom-line, shareholder value guy, and our hero, who wants to continue to produce quality products through innovation. There’s always that conflict, between profits and the expense of investing in your own company. 

IT guys always want to buy something new, better, faster, more powerful, or just upgrade the systems already in place. The Finance guys only see the drain on the budget. 

Some things never change. And yet, change is the only constant!

Good night.

Eeeyikes…. It’s Late!

I just posted three things to Facebook in the last few moments. Funny how late at night and first thing in the morning are my most creative times.

I found this site and it inspired me. So, I posted a response and then posted that response on Fb.

Here it is, in case you don’t “do Facebook.”

Blogging daily is like having coffee, it just helps get your day started in the right way. Once, someone asked me, “how will I get people to subscribe to my blog?” I said; “Why not write something valuable anyway, for your own sense of accomplishment and for the pure joy of writing?” I don’t know if it makes sense for everyone, but, for me writing helps me in many ways. Most of what I write is for myself, an edification process, potentially not very interesting to a mass audience. Some of what I write probably appeals to a large audience, but they’ll have to find me to get the goods. If you think of yourself as a writer, I think you should write a blog – make up your own reasons and just do it!