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If you are following along, you’ll note that each post is on a word from the dictionary, a to z. Since I am working on posting something every day (or at least, every weekday) this project should last about a month. This is in response to a post I read recently about posting every day, as part of a 30-day plan to become a better blogger.

OK, that said, we move onto the word of the day. Gaffle means to take hold of, or to seize, as one’s own. This is something I need to do with my future. As in, I’ve been not so good at planning for the days, weeks, months and years to come. This means that I am not forward looking, or forward thinking. I just kind of deal with things as they come along. This leaves me often feeling as if I have nothing to look forward to, so it is not good for my usual optimistic outlook.

Well, gee, aren’t we having a little bit of pity here? Gaffle the meaning in this post, if you will and see if it applies at all to your situation. I once knew a guy who would say; “Failure to plan, is a plan to fail.” I never agreed with that philosophy, as I thought failure to plan was no plan at all, so it certainly was not a plan to fail. Nobody would make that plan.

The point is, I suppose, if you have no plans, your future is mostly cloudy, with a chance of rain. 

Enjoy it, anyway!


One of my friends, an associate from several networking groups, uses the word, “fabulous” quite often. When I found fabaceous in the dictionary, I was hoping it had some meaning that might contradict fabulous, so I might use it at some appropriate time to be contradictory.

Well, it doesn’t have a meaning that’s anything close to what I was hoping it would be. In fact, it means beans! Yes, that’s right. It’s just another word for leguminous, or leguminosae – like a bean.

I suppose the word beans could be used in a number of ways. As in, “he doesn’t know beans about SEO.” Or, as one of my former supervisors used to like to say, “cool beans!”, when he meant, fabulous.

So, back to our subject, that would become; “his knowledge of SEO is less than fabaceous” and “fabaceously chilly!” OK, enough of that.

Just to reiterate something I said not so long ago; be careful with “information” you get from online resources. Having just looked up, “use the word beans in a sentence”, I kid you not when I say this. On the website linked below, you’ll find a sentence that ends with, “two beans of light.” Maybe it’s just me, but I find that funny!

Beans in a sentence, on



Taking a cheap way out here, so I’ll have to post another “F-word” later today. Using an “F-word” can be fun, after all! If you have not been following along, I’m posting a new word each day, to help me with a 30-day project; and using the alphabet approach to make it easy to find new content.

I’m still in the concept phase (although the first chapter is written, as is the outline) of my book. When I’m thinking about how I’m going to get some money behind the project, I often think of the Gates Foundation and wonder if Bill and Melinda might like my idea.

What prompted me to write about this again is something I read on thegatesnotes website. Bill is discussing a book written by Jared Diamond. That last paragraph made me laugh and I have a deep and serious appreciation for humor, especially among very cerebral people. In this case, there was even some math involved, statistics, and old age in the equation. You know I love that!

Click here and scroll to the bottom for the quote.

I was going to put the quote directly in this post, but I recently read somewhere that “click here” is still very useful. So, do it.






This word has a few applications. As in, emulation software is what we once installed to get modern PC’s to behave like dumb terminals, when we connected them to an IBM mainframe computer. If this sounds like ancient history to you, I understand. It was about 25 years ago, now.

Emulate is also something I aspire to do, when I see someone who inspires me. For instance, from the first time I saw Les Brown delivering a motivational speech, I thought that I might like to be like that guy. Helping people get inspired and encouraging them to go out and live their dreams; to achieve anything that is possible, must be way more fun and interesting than anything I’ve done up till now.

So, now I’m in Toastmasters, honing my presentation skills, as one day I plan to emulate the greatest speakers, so I can deliver a message that makes people want to go out and change the world! 

How was that for an “e” word?

Oh, by the way, speaking of changing the world, have you heard of Screenmobile and what they are doing in Liberia, Africa? Scroll down a bit on my Facebook page, to find the picture.



This word means to remove the aura of sacredness from. Being not sure this is appropriate to describe the derision due rolling stone magazine (caps removed on purpose), it is simply a word plucked from Webster’s at this late hour to satisfy my writing requirement.

Nothing in the rules says I cannot finish this tomorrow.

Saturday it is. Every week we want one. This is the reason Friday is such a happy day for so many. But, not for me – I work every day. Friday was a tough day. Not enough to do in the morning and then too much to do at the end of the day. Today, I work, SEO projects are due.

That’s all I’m willing to say.