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Blogging Easy For Everyone

That headline is missing the obvious, “is” as a verb. Without it, the phrase could have a few different meanings. But this is not about English. This is about writing.

Blogging is at least as easy as email. In email, there are more requirements, like a purpose, an addressee or list of recipients, subject line and body, with or without attachments.

Here, on a blog, you only need to have something to say and a place to put it online. My recipients are EVERYONE with an internet connection and a web browser. My subject is the title, this is the body.

Attachments and links to other things are optional, as they are in email. And, if you have a Gmail account, you have access to, where you can set up your blogspot for free!

If that’s not easy, I don’t know what is…. Why should you do it? Three Beautiful Things is a great example, and blogging for posterity is a great reason you should start today.

Sure, I could have plugged my own blogs, but it you’ve come this far, maybe you’re already a fan!



This is my story, as told on my new venue –

This idea came to me in two parts: 
In the first place, I heard about Joslyn Center’s meals on wheels program. Someone said that often times, recipients of these meals are shut-ins and the only person they may see on a daily basis is the one delivering their meals. This started me wondering how many of them have no computer and no internet access – logically, one might expect that if they cannot afford to provide for food, technology would be an unaffordable luxury.
Part two came from an introduction to the Mourning Star Center. The Mourning Star Centers are dedicated to providing gentle and loving support to children and teens who are experiencing grief, often times resulting from the death of a parent or sibling. 
So, combining the two needs and building a bridge to something I believe will literally change the course of history, I thought it would benefit both young people and older people, if they could work together on recording their stories for posterity – via blogging. This is important to me, because I cannot simply accept that we will lose all the richness of history available to us today from original sources. It is important to me, because I love blogging, technology, and people (young and old), not necessarily in that order!

Palm Desert Business Networking

This is the challenge, to make it so is found on page one of Google. In other words, if you search for Palm Desert Business Networking, we want to find, or on the first page of Google.

This is no small task, there are several other organizations that come before in the scheme of things found by searching. The one advantage I have is that I have been blogging and I can leverage that web content by adding some strategic key words and a simple paragraph to my many blog entries. Doing so will help the search engines to notice that VIBE Networking is the preeminent website for people who want to join a leading edge networking group in the Palm Desert area. Of course, this is proof of concept. That is to say, if you know what you are doing with SEO, you should be able to achieve this objective. And, if you can do it for yourself  you can certainly do it for your clients.

YABA On Original Thinking

While working through something in my favorite reading spot, I started thinking, “It would be so much easier to reconfigure a router than it would be to dream up something new to post on my blog.” Like the scorpion in the story told in “The Crying Game”, it is in my nature to do what I have to do. That router still needs work and here I am writing for you.

How does a new acronym become popular? In the world of IT, we often speak in acronyms, so we won’t have to say things like; Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Nobody wants to hear that, anyway! So, we (geeks, nerds, or whatever is the popular tag for an information technology professional these days) learn the new language and are supposed to understand the meaning of the alphabet soup we’ve cooked up for our needs.

OK, I’m going to do it…. While it is pretty obvious what SMTP is, DHCP is this: 

You just plugged all of the cables and cords into the back of your new computer. You turn it on, identify yourself, answer the questions, maybe even create a password. It’s possible you did not wonder if you would have an Internet connection. After all, your old computer had one, so you assume. You assume that if you’ve carefully connected all of that stuff to all of the right stuff holes, then you should be able to surf the web and send email immediately after pushing through all of that question and answer configuration tumult. You are not surprised (perhaps you are somewhat impressed with yourself) when magically your web browser browses and your email presents itself as if nothing was new.

Back up a few words to, “magically” – that’s where the DHCP did its job. What happened was this: Your computer announced its presence on the local area network (LAN) to the router (we hope you have one!) and the router answered with an acknowledgement. Then your computer said to the router, “How do I play with others on this playground?” The router replied, “You’ll need this set of numbers. I’ll ‘lease’ them to you for a day or two and you’ll be able to communicate on this LAN.” Your computer happily accepted this as gospel and went off to play with the other kids.

Wow! That was easy, huh? Plug and play is really true. “And I think to myself, ‘What a wonderful world!’”

My First Hangout

Today, after chasing after a few dollars for the work I do, helping people with computers, I went back to my office and arrived just in time to join in a Google+ Hangout, hosted by Meilani MacDonald. Meilani is a fellow Toastmaster and invited me to attend. I’m so glad she did.

The two most important things you must do after writing a book:
Have it edited professionally and create a great cover.
So, pay someone to edit your work and pay a graphic designer to design a wonderful cover for your book.

In this one hour session, I learned more about self-publishing than I could ever have learned through independent research. It’s interesting to note that getting published through traditional means seems like a pipe dream in comparison to the potential of self-publishing. It was also enlightening to find that my idea on preserving history through blogging was so well received by our guests from, an online magazine and independent publishing resource.

I’ve committed to writing a story about a project I want to start, which has to do with young people helping older people to share their stories through blogging. Although I’m not sure that there is enough content to turn it into a book, I do know how I feel, in terms of the level of passion I have for this project.

National Novel Writing Month – November – 50,000 words in 30 days!

It’s so cool how you can learn so much in such a short time span. I’ve definitely found the right circle of influence through my association with Toastmasters. Four of the five or six participants in this hangout were fellow Toastmasters and that group has really lit a fire under my inspiration and between writing for my many blogs and writing and delivering speeches at Toastmaster, I can feel the sea change that is happening with each new experience. What a trip!

That’s all for today. It was a good one.