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Now, Google Plus

So, just as I’m getting the hang of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc., (yes, I know I’ve left out LinkedIn and I don’t know why) along comes Google+ to add something bigger to the mix. You may as well know this right up front, I’ve subscribed to Google Apps for Business, so I am a big fan and advocate of using Google’s products. Even if that were not the case, I would have to explore G+ for the simple fact that Google is a large part of the big picture.

I’ve spent some time working through a book by Guy Kawasaki (an evangelist for Mac) and he explains very thoroughly the many aspects of Google Plus in his usual clear style. So, I follow, before I lead. Since I’ll soon be teaching some classes on Social Media, I now have to decide on an approach to including G+ in my presentations. We’ll get there, I’m sure.

For now, I’m in learning mode. You’ll hear more from me when I have a better grasp on the application of Google plus to my business needs.



A New Blogger Is Born

Today, I created and posted her first bit of content. It was a self-serving exercise, one I was happy to complete; as I needed to capture screens for a “Getting Started With Blogging” set of instructions. So now I have a complete Word documents with all the requisite images to show any beginner how to get started with blogger, a free service from Google.

As much as I love SquareSpace for the ease of use and the CMS they provide, it might be a bit much to suggest to a new user that they should maintain a website, as well as a blog. Yes, I know they are one in the same, essentially, but clearly blogging on Google’s platform is easy to understand as one component of many services you already know and enjoy from the leader of cloud based technology.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. Soon, I’ll be posting a compete set of instructions on how to get started and how to maintain a blog. Yes, I know it has been done before and it is extremely simple to find this information for yourself, but sometimes, the way I serve it, the information has that “value-added” sweetness that comes with “compassionate care for people who use computers.”



Blogging In Two Steps

Today I had a spirited discussion with a computer tutor with deep and wide experience. She has worked with over a hundred people from the awesome generation (my newly coined term for people who preceded the baby-boomers and are likely to be grandparents to gen X and Y people). Her premise of keeping things simple will help me to develop training materials well-suited to beginners. That’s just what I need.

So, in that vein, I offer this simple process to getting started with blogging. There are only two steps:

  1. Create your blogging account.
  2. Write and post your first blog post.

Congratulations, you are now a blogger! Welcome to the club. Write what you want, tell us about your most colorful memories, or create all new and fresh material by sharing what was cool for you today. What’s that you say? You have special interests? Well by all means, please tell us all about it. Anything you want to tell the world, we are waiting to hear.

That’s all for today, ladies and gentlemen. Wait – did you really think I wouldn’t answer the obvious question? No, I won’t leave you hanging. Her name is Vicki Mills and I’m lucky to have found her.

Tune in tomorrow for my next installment. Until then, good night!

Brian Rouley



Today I received an email purportedly from Adobe, the company that makes Acrobat and a bunch of other cool software, inviting me to “upgrade your application”. DON’T DO IT!

The sending email address is adobesystems – which is not – although they may own that name. This was my first clue….

There are at least a dozen things about this email that are red flags and I’ll spell out more of them later. In the interest of posting this article as quickly as possible, I’m just going to stop here and tell you this: The email is not from Adobe and you should delete it. 

Here is a link to google results for a search on adobesystems –

Practice safe hex! That’s geek humor – that has been around for years.